About us.


Letter from the Editor

Hasta el Cielo Store is more than a store. This project started full of joy as a small entrepreneurship, without imagining what God had for us was bigger than we thought.

Led by a woman with a strong desire to improve herself and to be able to help other women achieve their dreams. Our main purpose is to contribute to the economic development of a group of talented Mayan women artisans, generating incomes by selling hand made unique natural fiber products from the heart of Guatemala to the world.

Thank you for supporting us in building this dream of improving the quality of life of our women artisans and their families in their communities and bringing our wonderful products with their aroma of nature to the whole world. ¡Hasta el Cielo Store teaches us every day that the sky has no limits!

Thanks for your support.





“Hasta el Cielo Store reminds me every day, that the sky is the limit”​


Hasta el Cielo Store is more than a store, it is a need to discover the true beauty of the places where we share important moments and where we flourish.

It is an invitation to freely and naturally enjoy our home, our room or any place where we spend time. It is an opportunity to be able to give a detail and make someone feel special in a lasting way. Lasting as is the beauty of all the creations we offer.

Our mission is to always contribute in some way to each of the people who revolve around our business either with the economic development of a community of artisans or to bring you through our products an environment full of love, warmth, peace, and freedom.

If you love Boho, Nordic, Vintage, Wabi-Sabi, Eclectic, and Rustic, this is your place!